• Food: fondue

  • Artist: Jordan Rakei

  • Hobby: hiking

  • Candle: Tuscany Fireside

Hey! My name is Kevin Maillefer (it's pronounced Myfair). I know... it's confusing. That is why I often go by my middle name, Kevin André. I graduated in 2018 from Cedarville University with a bachelor's in worship ministries and minors in bible and music technology. I love to travel and have been to most of the United States. No, I have not visited Kansas yet and I am not planning to anytime soon. You can find me in one of three places: reading at a coffee shop or more accurately talking while holding a book I was planning to read, hiking a hidden treasure I have recently discovered, or refinishing some garbage picked furniture in my garage. My controversial opinions include The Office being just ok, referring to grays as pastel black, and refusing to purchase jackets which possess a hood.

"A professional and creative individual. Totally fast to think in and outside the box with really creative and great ideas. Kevin has worked with me professionally in my studio which demands a high expectation of work for my creative and artistic clients. As a voting member for the Grammys and a film composer with IMDB credits, it's important to work with people that have the skill levels that Kevin has. Kevin is reliable, transparent, hard working, and dedicated to always excel in his crafts. He's always about connecting and understanding people and their needs. A very recommendable peoples person.

Hire him!!! "

Eddie Torres

Film Composer | Music Producer | Musician

"Kevin is personable, innovative, and highly productive. His aptitude in creativity distinguishes himself above other's I've worked with. He places a high importance in the quality of his work and the people he works with."

Dave Fowler

Technical Specialist | Christ Community Church









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